You can create, send and manage all your invoices in record time. Create invoices, mail them, export and print them using different layouts.

Facturas Recurrentes

Create invoices that are automatically generated based on the frequency you set. according to the user's needs and in a simple way.

Payments Received

Keep track of payments received. You can also print, download or send by mail either for a physical record or at the request of the client


Keep a record of quotes. you can quote your customers and print, send or download quotes

Credit Notes

Create and manage credit notes. you can print, email or download generated credit notes.


Point of Sale to bill quickly even without internet connection



Record payments and expenses incurred instantly. You can manage the payments you make to your creditors and suppliers.

Supplier Invoices

Keep invoices in order and know the balance of accounts payable with suppliers and in the simplest way.

Recurring Payments

Automatically generate the payments and financial commitments that you make each month to your suppliers and creditors.

Debit Notes

Create a document for the supplier to rectify anomalies in invoices issued for the purchase of goods and services.

Purchase Orders

Create references and purchase orders so that your supplier invoices you for the goods and services you wish to purchase.



Manage your customer portfolio, invoice history, balances and all your movements. to have more control over the clientele.


You have full control of your suppliers. you can manage your supplier catalog, export and import easily


Products And Services

Manage the catalog of products and services that you offer to your customers and control your inventory in the simplest way.


Manage cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, taxes, profit and loss.

Categories Of Products And Services

You can create, manage, import and export the categories of your products quickly


You can keep the bank accounts of the company up to date, as well as the accounting books such as: the general ledger and the daily book; efficiently reconciling the movements with each of your bank accounts registered in your profile. You can also associate a bank movement that corresponds to an income or expense invoice justifying each of them and emphasizing which movement justifies the transaction in question according to the user's need.

Income and Expense Reports

In times of crisis, it is essential to reduce expenses to improve the economic situation of a company, but to make this type of decision it is of great importance to have good control of expenses in each of the departments of the company, which cannot be measuring cannot be controlled and thinking about it KEDAS incorporates a module dedicated to the reports of all the transactions carried out through your company user profile in documents or graphs that help you interpret the situation of the company; making available the updated accounting information so that the reality of the business can be clearly and accurately displayed, this platform has the most important reports that the company needs to know with a click the financial statements of the business as well as the income and expenses you have